Human communication is not all about words, you can say a lot about yourself without even uttering a word. It all comes down to the way you dress, your expression, and the way you carry yourself. Most people buy motorcycle jackets because they want to use them just for protection while riding the motorcycle. However, people are moving towards a minimalist lifestyle. They don’t want to spend too much on clothing items and if they do, they want to make the most out of their limited options. This obviously means you can use your motorcycle jacket and incorporate it into your day-to-day clothing. You can dress it down with some casual additions or you can dress it up with some formal options. It all comes down to the articles of clothing that you already have and how to mix and match. Apart from this your personal style and the style of your jacket also plays a very important role. If you have a leather jacket, you will have more options as compared to a fabric jacket. Similarly, if you have a black jacket, you will be able to style it better as compared to any other color.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the possible combinations that you can wear with your motorcycle jacket. A motorcycle jacket is a very diverse clothing item that you can use according to your style, which is the reason your personal sense of style is also very important. We have mentioned various jacket styles that will help you with formal as well as casual styles.

Easy On the Eyes

We all know that white sneakers with blue jeans and a white shirt are a perfect look that anyone can carry. It is simple, basic and you don’t need too much money. If you like pulling off this look, you should try out throwing a motorcycle jacket as well. This will give you a very casual yet put-together persona. This is ideal if you have a black leather motorcycle jacket, however, it will go well with blue and some other dark colors as well. Most people like to roll their jeans to make them look more casual and this is a perfect way to appear more casual. However, others like to go with high socks for a more e-boy style. You can also add a snapback hat with a darker color and you will be able to pull off a very casual look.

The Easy Army Look

We have all seen that people like to add camouflage to their daily look. However, you don’t need to buy camouflage for a casual army look. This will go really well if you have a dirty green fabric or hybrid jacket. All you need is a basic black t-shirt with a dirty green motorcycle jacket. You can either pair your black jeans with black sneakers or white sneakers. The best thing about this look is that you can wear it while riding your motorcycle, playing some game, or going out. With basic black, you will be able to cover up your body shape and with your motorcycle riding jacket, your body will have a shape. Overall, this will make you appear more put together while black will make you appear neat throughout the day. This can be an ideal hiking look because it will protect you from extreme weather and you will be able to avoid looking dirty.

The Black on Black Look

Black on black look is the most popular look so far. We have seen our favorite singers and movie stars pulling the black-on-black look. This is a perfect look for all weathers and you don’t need to buy anything expensive. For the perfect black-on-black look, you can wear black jeans, with a solid black t-shirt and some leather boots to make you appear more formal. You can then complete your look with the help of a black leather motorcycle jacket. Some people even add accessories like rings, chains, and watches to appear party-ready. It all comes down to the style you choose. Some people even add a black turtle neck instead of a t-shirt and complete off their look with a hat.

The Basic Bikers Look

Biker look or motorcycle gang look is one of the most famous styles that you can pull off with the help of a motorcycle jacket. All you need is your leather jacket, some leather pants, a basic shirt, some chains, and aviator glasses. One thing that will help you become a complete star is your bandana and choice of leather boots. Some people like leather boots that can cover their ankles, others choose a more formal look. If you are a fan of formal looks you should go with a black Chelsea boot however if you are looking for something that will go all the way up to your leg, you can choose a cowboy style.

Formal Office Look

As technology is getting more advanced, people are getting engaged in work for longer hours. Companies are now looking for people who can push their limits by working overtime. This means that companies are preferring comfort over luxury. Tech giants discourage the normal suit and tie style and they prefer someone who is laid back instead. If your company prefers a laid-back style of clothing, this look will be perfect for you. You can wear a motorcycle jacket with chinos and button-downs or you can keep the chinos but replace the button-down with a t-shirt or dress shirt. Another important thing is that you need to complete your look with the help of loafers that will create a gap between your chinos and your feet. This will make you appear taller.

 Casual Meet Formal

One of the easiest yet stylish looks is to pair ripped jeans with a turtleneck and complete off the look with a motorcycle jacket. The ripped jeans will give you a much laid-back, casual and youthful look whereas the turtle neck will make you appear a little conservative. To put together this look you can add some chains, Chelsea boots along with your favorite leather jacket. The key to this look is a good pair of sunglasses that will make you appear stylish. Overall, this look is a perfect mix of casual and formal so you can wear it to your office, out with friends, or while you are going on a shopping spree. This is a look that students can wear as well because ripped jeans are not allowed in most schools however when you pair it up with a turtleneck, this will help you look formal.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, a motorcycle jacket can become your staple fashion piece that can be used throughout the year. From the casuals that you can wear with friends, on a party, shopping spree, or while running errands to formal wear that can help you appear more formal. However, by formal we do not mean you can join a meeting with that. With a good addition of bottoms, sneakers, and some accessories, you can become the person that you want to be.