The ankles are one of those body parts that do not get a lot of attention – except when you don’t want people looking at them. You might never think of your own ankles until you set aside the yoga pants in favor of a nice dress. Then suddenly, there they are.

None of us have the perfect bodies we envision in fashion photo shoots. We all have flaws. If you consider your ankles unattractive and you want to divert attention away from them, there are simple things you can do. Below are some tips compliments of Salt Lake City boutique The Stockist.

                   Forget the Straps

Shoes with excessive straps, like sandals for example, create a visual conundrum. Straps tend to start at the heel and wrap around the ankle and top of the foot before heading down to the front of the shoe. Unfortunately, straps like these are highways for the eyes. And where do they take the eyes? Right to the ankles. If you want to divert attention away from the ankles, forget the straps.

                   Choose Slim Heels over Chunky

Heels are a wonderful option for accentuating the perfect line of the legs. If ankles are a problem though, stick with slim heels. Slim and sexy pumps that accentuate the legs without drawing attention to the feet are best. Avoid chunky heels.

The problem with chunky heels is that they attract attention. If people are looking at your heels, they are also looking at your ankles. For example, lo-top boots with big heels create that perfect storm that you are trying to avoid. Stay away from them.

                   Hi-Top Sneakers Instead of Lo-Tops

To many modern women, sneakers are appropriate for all casual occasions whether wearing jeans, slacks, skirts, or dresses. That is perfectly acceptable. Understand that a good pair of hi-top sneakers can do wonders for the ankles.

They physically cover the ankles, obviously, but they also create a seamless line that makes larger ankles look smaller. If the eyes are still drawn there, the contrast between the top of the boot and the leg keeps the attention off the ankles.

                   Match Hosiery to Shoes

If you wear pantyhose or stockings, match them to the shoes you are wearing that day. In other words, you want your hosiery and shoes to look as similar as possible in terms of color and shade. Matching this way eliminates the obvious contrast between the top of the shoe and the skin, thus eliminating unnecessary focus on the ankle area.

This is obviously not a concern when wearing socks, as they naturally divert the attention away from the ankles. The opaque nature of socks also hides the ankles outright.

                   Go Long or Short

Lastly, you can divert attention away from your ankles by being more circumspect in your choice of pants and dresses. The goal here is to go either long or short, never in between. Shorts and short skirts tend to keep attention above the knees. Long dresses and pants that cover up the legs almost entirely guarantee people will not be staring at your ankles.

On the other hand, capris and skirts that go down to the calf create too much temptation to focus on the lower legs. And if that is where the focus is, the eyes might be drawn to the ankles as well.

Who knew that ankles could be so troublesome? They are just body parts. Still, the fact is that some people just don’t appreciate what theirs look like. If this sounds like you, the tips in this post will hopefully be of help.