The nitty-gritty details of the new styles of mens jewellery need to be well sought after. It isn’t easy to craft men’s jewellery given the recent times. With a challenge to look masculine and yet subtle men’s jewellery has been the recent uptrend.

To help you out of the junkies, here are 8 most talked-about men’s jewellery.

1. Men’s Earrings- it isn’t easy to sport something this feminine for a man. But with the recent trends of one-sided earrings, we doubt the critics. With boybands pulling the simple yet catchy one-sided ear pin look to perfection, it’s hard not to be rooting for your favorite men with that diehard smile and that side earring, a look so fresh that will leave you awestruck.

2. Tie Clips or Tie Bars-  A simple yet elegant way of keeping the tie all anchored down, town bars are horizontal clips that slide down the half-length of the tie and then anchors below the shirt. Help your tie to look fabulous all the way while bestowing that graceful bejewelled look. Stop your tie from embarrassing you while it flies and slams on your face. Look dignified, be it in an interview, meeting, or occasion. A sophisticated dressier affair, you could even change it for a spark and quirk in your boring look.

3.Lapel Pins- Most known to flaunt these lapel pins are the politicians. But there are no such set rules for this being turned into a style statement. Embroidered in gold, silver or mere metal, lapel pins are classy affairs. These pins come in variable colors, shapes, sizes and should be worn on the jacket’s ends.

4. Man’s Watch – Men’s watches come in handy, and so do men’s styling. Men are known for being classy when it comes to elegance. Be the sporty look, diamond-studded gold look; men have it all under their sleeves.

5. Cufflinks- based on the availability of French cuff, cufflinks are one of the most modern accredited accessories in the men’s world. Pin shaped they come in all colors and sizes for you to choose from.

6. Men’s Rings- Men’s rings  or mens earrings have come a long way in the making. From the conventional thinking of men having rings only in the name of the sacred altar to men sporting the all finger ring look, rings for men are now an all-new obsession.

7. Men’s Necklaces- Chains like the cable chains, roll chains, Serpentine chains, Figaro chains, omega chains, snake chains, Foxtail chains, curb chains, Byzantine chains, rope chains, Venetian chains, box chains are all up for men’s section of necklaces.

8. Men’s Bracelets- Bracelets have always been masculine in their attempt to be a bombshell on the male wrists. Good luck gentlemen for all the styling to make you look a class apart.