A tailored fit suit is one that is custom made for a particular person. In fact, San Francisco tailor suit achieves a goal. It allows a person to stand out in a crowd better than if they were wearing a slim fit or off-the-rack suit. For men, wearing a tailored suit means adding some stylish accessories like a pocket square. Picking the right pocket square can be difficult because of the varieties available.

A Pocket Squares is Available in Different Patterns and Colors

A pocket square is a handkerchief place in a pocket of a suit jacket. A pocket square is usually chosen to mix with the shirt underneath the jacket rather than match it. For example, a man could contrast a black shirt with a red and white pinstripe handkerchief.

Men can also use a pocket square to coordinate and contrast their accessories with their tailored suit. This means they use a combination of fabrics and patterns to coordinate their shirt and pocket square, but different fabric for the tie. This allows them to coordinate and add a little edge without clashing.

Choosing the Type of Pocket Squares for a Tailored Suit

Handkerchiefs are available in solid white cotton and linen. It’s considered the classic handkerchief. Depending on how it’s folded, it can be aligned with the jacket pocket. A white pocket square looks stunning with a conservative, dark tailored suit.

A silk handkerchief is another option. They are available in almost every pattern and color a man could want. A silk pocket square allows a man to make a bold statement and let his personality shine. Regardless of the pattern or color, a hand-rolled edge is a sign of a well-made, quality handkerchief.

Choosing Pattern and Color for the Perfect Pocket Square

To determine the best color option, choose the pocket square color based on whatever is the complimenting color of the suit. It’s never best to match the pocket square with the prominent color. A pocket square should accent the tailored suit, not blend in with it.

A pocket square with a distinctive pattern is often a bold choice. The safe choice, a white pocket square with no pattern, is safe too. In most cases, a man will pair the pattern of their pocket square with their necktie. This offers an elegant look. However, a man can always dare to be different.

Matching the Pocket Square to The Tie and Jacket

The last step is matching the pocket square to a jacket and tie. The type of fabric is the first thing to consider. A man can mix a silk pocket with a tie made with textured material. They can also do the opposite and pair a textured handkerchief with a silk tie. A bespoke tailoring service from a Cambridge Tailor can be a perfect way to add a different look to a tailored suit.  If a man wants to look distinguished, they can add a silk pocket square with a tailored jacket made of tweed.