There are some brands simply head and shoulders above the rest. Similar to a sports car or expensive jewellery, some brands are considered as ‘luxury designers’ and command a higher price. Clothes are also included in this category, but it is a term often exaggerated and misapplied. Something that should only be considered designer if it is the highest expertise, sophisticated styling and best ingredients. Here are some examples of the most popular designer brands on the high street today:


Originating in the US, Farah has been making quality clothing since the early 20th century What began life as a small family factory making shirts and denim overalls soon grew to a global business that manufactures stylish tailoring that made the big time in the UK in the 1970s.


Twins from Canada are behind this brand that recently has risen to worldwide fame. Various clothing lines are on offer, with a nice balance between heritage and street style, with bright patterns and bold details to give a contemporary twist on the classic formal appearance. Their most popular lines include leather trainers and jeans.

Louis Vuitton

The ultimate in luxury living, Louis Vuitton is more of than luxury handbags. The company made a name for itself initially by producing trunks in the 19th century. They are now producing a wide range of sophisticated tailoring and accessories. They now include a range of youth wear in addition to the sophisticated menswear range.

Dolce & Gabbana

This Italian label is one of the most famous brands on the globe and their men’s fashion collection is nothing short of iconic. The logo is synonymous with chic luxury and their clothing line includes tailoring and finishing that is second to none.


For over a hundred years, Prada has been responsible for royal clothes in Italy and a number of Hollywood stars on the red carpet of the world. The brand offers an elegant setting with a variety of athleisure, brilliant at combining timeless elegance and relaxing comfort.


An Italian fashion house that focuses on denim, footwear and high-end accessories. They are well-known for their impactful advertising and also have a successful range of fragrances. For more information on Mens Diesel Clothes, visit


This British brand has grown to become one of the country’s biggest exports. Their design combines the classic style of the English gentlemen with a mix of contemporary graphics and wool.

Calvin Klein

This is a luxury brand best known for their amazing variety of clothes, but it’s not all about boxers. Calvin Klein is also recognized globally for perfume and top end clothing lines, making it one of the most recognized names in the world. They are known for their simple, utilitarian style by adding a sporty touch. This is a brand for apparel, jeans, suits and fragrances.