Do you know that wearing a watch beats checking your mobile phone, especially on important occasions such as job interviews? The last thing that any employer wants is to hire someone who will be easily distracted by mobile phone notifications every time he wants to check the time. Another scenario where wearing a watch beats checking the phone is when driving. The few seconds that you might take to dig into your pockets and fetch the phone are enough to cost you dearly in many ways, including a fatal accident. Depending on your state, you might also get a traffic ticket for using your mobile phone while driving.

In other words, you can never underestimate the importance of wearing a watch. Moreover, men have limited options when it comes to jewelry. Earrings are good but are met with stigma in some societies. Therefore, getting a watch crafted from silver jewelry sounds like a good plan for enjoying flashy ornaments. Here are other reasons why you should wear a watch:

  • Show who you are

You might want to wear a watch because it depicts the real you in terms of taste, fashion, and even character. For instance, we often assume that people who wear watches are punctual, and the truth is not far from that. If you want people to know that you love gold and silver, they’ll believe more of that if they see it on your wrist instead of hearing from your mouth. It is also important to note that there is a clear distinction between men who ear watches and those who don’t.

  • Great conversation starters

Are you shy or an introvert who wants to connect and socialize more but you don’t know how to do it? Get a classic watch, and everyone would always start a conversation with you by making reference to it. For instance, “Hey sir, I love your silver watch. Where did you get it from?” Such openings often yield to deep conversations that may culminate in tight friendships.

  • Pass your watch as inheritance

Watches are timeless and will never run out of fashion, be it a century from now. If you have a flashy masterpiece, you might consider passing it to your son s inheritance. That will not only keep your memory alive but will remind him always to keep time just as the father did. Moreover, most precious watches that are priced at six figures will even come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Daily variety

As a nobleman, you can have as many watches as possible, provided you can afford them in terms of initial cost and insurance if there is a compelling need for one. Watches that attract insurance include the ones crafted from precious stones such as gold and silver. Having multiple watches allows you to diversify your fashion as much as possible.

  • Confidence

Lastly, you should also consider wearing a watch daily if you want to boost your confidence and conquer the most dreaded life missions such as success. Wearing a sleek watch makes you feel confident and proud, which are the traits you need to skyrocket your personal brand.