Everyone desires the perfect life and lashes. Well, ideal life seems to be a lie, but perfect long lashes aren’t with drama llama magnetic eyelashes. Drama llama is an online one-stop solution for all your desired eyelashes rather than going under health-risking surgical treatments.

Drama llama offers the most comprehensive collection of magnetic eyelashes in a number of styles and designs best fitted for every type of eye size and shape. It is too good to be real, right, but this is the new leading magnetic eyelash technology that left behind the expensive surgical eyelash extensions. Suppose you desire to have long, voluminous, feathery, and dark eyelashes for everyday purposes. In that case, drama llama has much to offer.


  1. Drama llama offers the best quality product made from silk and free from animal cruelty.
  2. Drama llama has been known for its quality among other competitors because they know how to satisfy customer demands.
  3. Drama llama magnetic lashes come with a pack of six magnetic lashes to make the better experience and durability.
  4. They not only offer a set of eyelashes, but they also provide a tube of magnetic eyeliner.
  5. The drama llama lashes are capable of two-sided trimming, making them more durable and reusable than regular falsies.
  6. Drama llama offers eyelashes that are best suited for every shape, along with free trials.

Difference between llama eyelashes and falsies

Falsies are not the best wear lashes for everyday purposes, but llama eyelashes are far better than them. Llama lashes are easily removable and have more usable life than falsies. For ideal, long feathery, and voluminous, these lashes are better without any side effects as; these are purely made of silk. It is a perfect magnetic eyelash solution for everyday purposes for those who want a lash day without glue stickiness and high maintenance.

Another remarkable thing about these is that the after application feels like the falsies don’t give a natural look, typically because of cheap material. Whereas the llama eyelashes easily blend in with your real eyelashes through their magnets and give off beyond natural look.

Some of the tips can be helpful for the readers who are planning to buy these and

  1. With careful handling of these lashes, they can last longer than other falsies. Don’t overdo eyelash curler on these magnetic eyelashes, which can affect the quality of these.
  2. To have a natural glow over these magnetic lashes, you can apply keratin.
  3. Don’t forget to take care of natural lashes.
  4. Clean your lashes with the makeup remover after every time you take off.


There is no need to spend a massive amount of money on one-use falsies when you can buy a long durable magnetic eyelash from drama llama. With these easily usable magnetic eyelashes, you don’t have to worry about shedding falsies or glue messiness. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website today and order your new magnetic eyelashes from drama llama.