Nothing is better in summer than a short sleeve shirt. This wardrobe staple can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for everyday wear. You can wear a smart short sleeve shirt to the office or dress it down for the weekend. Read on for tips on how to wear this classic look.

Prints and patterns

There are loads of different prints to choose from and printed shirts can look just as smart as plain shirts. Some prints are dated, such as big floral prints which are best left for ironic holiday outfits or retro styles. However, shirts with a small pattern all over are fine for any occasion. Make sure you pair a patterned shirt with plain trousers or shorts or the look might be overwhelming.


There are many fabrics to choose from and some people like viscose for summer as it is light and airy, allowing the skin to breathe. It’s best to avoid polyester as the skin can’t breathe in this fabric and it can be too hot for summer. Cotton is always a winner for a shirt, whether you opt for a crisp cotton or a softer crinkle style.

High-quality shirts such as Farah shirts always look good and these are available from many stockists, such as These designer shirts come in all colours and styles so you can easily find the perfect short sleeve shirt. With the men’s clothing market now worth £15 billion, designer shirts are big business –

Shape and fit

When thinking about a short sleeve shirt you need to consider your body type. Whether you are short and stocky or long and lean there is a shirt style to suit you. Keep a couple of buttons undone at the top to relax the fit or it could make you look heavier than you are.

The shape of the shirt is also important. A fitted shape is better if you are wearing the shirt buttoned up, while a looser shape can work for leaving open with another top underneath.

Wearing a short sleeve shirt

When wearing your shirt, you can wear it for formal and informal events. For informal styles, chambray looks great and patterns are fun. For a more formal event, a plain design might work better in classic materials such as cotton.