With summer upon us, here are some of the best practical and stylish fashion tips for men this season.

Be wary at the beach

Sometimes we are so eager to hit the beach that we don’t remember to take off expensive watches, wedding rings or other jewelry. But this is a big error. You don’t want to see that expensive new watch disappear forever under the waves, and jewelry experts, Jewelers Mutual, warn that direct sunlight and cold water can damage jewelry and cause things to slip off your hands and wrists. Be safe and keep it at home, as nothing will ruin your day more then losing or damaging an expensive accessory or meaningful piece of jewelry.

Invest in a good hat

A good hat will be your best friend this year. Not only will it protect your head and face from the dangers of the sun, but it can complement your outfit too. Whether you favour a cool baseball hat, a straw trilby or a grungy bucket hat…this is a must-have accessory for both functionality and style. Sun stroke is a big deal, so don’t land yourself in hospital this summer just because you failed to invest in some quality head gear.

Don’t forget the outer garments

Unfortunately, the British weather is notoriously changeable, even in summer. Nothing is guaranteed even on the warmest of days. Invest in a cool windbreaker for those unexpected showers. It will be enough to offer protection against the elements, but is still lightweight enough to carry around in your summer backpack without being too bulky.

Espadrilles are the way forward

Flip flops and sandals are popular choices during the warmer months, especially for the beach. But espadrilles achieve the same purpose with much more style. They are cool and classy, while also being hugely practical. Teamed with Farah shirts (https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah) and chinos, they can also be worn in more formal settings, seeing you through from a day at the beach to dinner and drinks.


Much like a good hat, a good pair of shades will see you through summer safely and stylishly. Whether your style is aviator, wayfarer or simple round or rectangle…a great pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes and make you look super cool to boot.