Lash extensions are the ideal day-to-day wear choice for women who do not want to bother with re-applying fake lashes on a daily basis.There is no pure competition between fake eyelashes and llama eyelash extensions as both are effective in their own working zones:

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  • According to dermatologists, estheticians, and plastic surgeons, eyelash extensions are (usually) safe.
  • It is easy to customize your looks completely with eyelash extensions.You can discuss your priorities related to your lash extensions’ curl and ideal length with your lash artist and get your desired eyes. So you can get as natural or as dramatic llama eyelashes as you would like to have with these lash extensions.
  • Waking up every day with long, gorgeous, and fluttering eyelashes is so satisfying and time-saving. These extensions effectively enhance the beauty of your eyes and simply look incredible on almost everyone.
  • The entire process of applying these lash extensions is 100% pain-free for everyone.

The Drawbacks of Eyelash Extensions:

You have to face the following consequences in terms of drawbacks or cons of lash extensions:

  • Though it saves your time on a regular basis, the initial set will take around 1 to 2 hours. It can be an expensive investment for you as the initial set of lash extensions cost anywhere between $100 – $350. After that, you need regular refill setting every 2 – 4 weeks that costs $50 – 150.
  • Your natural lashes remain at all different stages of growth at any time, which means your lash artist finds some lashes in the period of growth. In contrast, others find getting ready to shed. So these lash extensions face uneven fallout. To avoid this scattered and inconsistent effect, you need to revisit your lash technician every two to four weeks.
  • It is also necessary to remember that you cannot rub your eyes when you have lash extensions while washing your face. It can make cleaning your face a painful activity. You cannot rub your lashes nor do itching either with hands or against the pillow.
  • Irritation and Infection are the major risks of eyelash extensions. These extensions typically need lash glue to attach with the natural follicle. The chemicals in this glue can cause irritation and ever infections rarely. Many hypoallergenic ingredients present in this glue can still irritate tissue by weighing them down or pulling on the hairs. To prevent irritation and allergic reaction, it’s advised to do a patch test on your hand with the adhesive.
  • Potential damage to natural lashes is apparent even if you visit the best lash artist and execute the perfect eyelash extension aftercare. With the growth of your natural lashes, your extensions get far away from the root of the lash gradually. This makes it harder for your natural lashes to support the eyelash extensions’ weight, resulting in eyelash breakage.


One of these llama lash extensions best features is that they are water-resistant and showering with eyelash extensions is nothing you should worry about. In fact, you are encouraged to wash these extensions every day so gently. Although, you cannot get them wet in the first 48 hours, after that you can shower, sweat, and do swimming with eyelash extensions. You should stay snugly on in the rain also.