Women these days are into motorbike riding more than ever. When it narrows to riding, knowing what attire keeps you totally safe & comfortable is important. Women bikers must make sure that they ride with appropriate motorbike riding gear. Regardless of gender injury prevention is the foremost purpose of motorbike attire as we all know safest outfit is the most stylish one when it comes to bike riding. But at the same time women bike riders want stylish motorcycle apparel that is specifically sized-down to women. Women’s motorcycle gear that acknowledges & accommodates their unique shapes.

You might be thinking that it’s so easy to look good on a motorbike. Especially from what you have seen in Hollywood movies. The real world takes much more work. For looking good on the motorbike, having a fine strategy helps. Going out on a motorbike isn’t as easy as going to a shopping mall. You might have to tackle helmet hair & makeup challenges. Then choosing the gear that offers enough protection and style. No matter if you are riding your own ride, or sitting at the back of your partner’s bike, stylish and appropriate bike gear is an absolute necessity for you.

Women’s Clothing apparel – Fabric Choices

Female bike gear is available in various fabric choices. Most popular fabric choices are leather & textile. Leather is very well known for providing protection against skin abrasions & is a classic choice. Textile biker apparel is used by women in both hot & cold weather. Textiles & leather outfits are designed with an armor and reflective detailing that increase visibility. Your choice mainly depends upon your style preference & the flexibility you need while riding the motorbike. Affordability also plays a role here.

Ladies Motorbike Gear – Helmets

Driving a motorbike with a helmet is a law in most of the countries. Based on statistics regarding motorbike accidents, odds of head hitting the pavement are high. Motorbike helmet isn’t a recommendation but a necessary one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish. Weight of the female motorbike helmets is an important factor. We would suggest you to go with a light weight helmet. Whatever Hemet style you choose, make sure it’s DOT certified.

Women Motorbike Jacket

Women motorbike jackets are available in different styles and options. Different people prefer different types of apparel based on their personal preference. We understand the fact that wearing protective gear which matches the style sense & lifestyle is really important, but finding the perfect combo can be challenging. Women’s motorcycle jackets must be elegant, fashionable, comfortable & safe at the same time. Choosing a jacket that has full sleeves is also a good option. It helps in protecting against sun, wind and rain.

Women’s Motorbike Pants

Most people use denim as motorbike riding pants, it’s a classical choice. Boyfriend-cut or mama pants are scoring high these days when it comes to bike riding. But your regular jeans aren’t enough for providing adequate protection while you are riding on the motorbike. For additional protection you can have motorbike specific pants. Women motorbike pants are an amazing choice.  They provide way more stretch & straighter cut. Most of them have knee padding, it’s very effective and protective when it comes to crash situations.

If you are riding in hot weather choosing breathable pants would be the best option. Such pants have mesh areas and are reflective on them. Motorbike riding legging is also an option that is available in the market. A lot of women wear leggings and they prefer the same when it comes to bike riding.

Women Motorbike Gloves

Motorbike gloves are an essential equipment when it comes to bike touring. However, it’s a personal choice.  Some prefer more contact for controlling the throttle therefore they prefer smooth & thin gloves. Some riders prefer armor and padding on their knuckles for maximum protection. No matter which style you are choosing, make sure they keep you safe.

Ladies Motorcycle Boots

You would be glad to know there are a lot of ladies biker boots options available in the market. There was a time when the only option was clunky-looking ladies studs as motorbike boots, good days that time is gone. Now there are women’s exclusive shoes available in the market. Women’s motorbike boots are an amazing choice for protecting your feet & ankles when it comes to riding. Make sure your bike boots are waterproof, come with ankle discs, & reinforced toe box.

Clothing you should Avoid

Earlier in this article we discussed what type of clothing provides the best protection to female bike riders. However, you should also know about the apparel that isn’t appropriate to be worn while riding a motorcycle. Wearing any outfit that is flowy, or loose fit shouldn’t be worn; it can get you in dangerous situations. Many women, especially when they are on a pillion seat, wear it. It can flap anywhere, which would obstruct the vision. If it’s a tight skirt, it will make you uncomfortable & can serve as a restriction when it comes to moving the legs. Riding on a motorbike requires you to wear flat shoes for maintaining correct traction. You must stay on the foot pegs & clutch pedal. Not choosing high heels while riding a motorbike would be the wisest option.

Wearing shorts on a bike isn’t illegal, but it would be a bad decision. It can be hard to follow especially in the hot weather conditions. Shorts provide a lesser protection and makes you more vulnerable to injuries in case you get hit. Wearing shorts puts you at risk of getting rashes and burns by exhausts & engines. And prevent injuries in case you get in contact with the road.

Also, you should not tie up your braid too tightly. Or make buns at the top of the head. Doing this will get you tugged down as you put your helmet on.

Safety before fashion

You must have anticipated how good you will look with your riding pants on.  But you must choose the pants that are protective enough. And provide you true armor. They must have an extra bulk at your hip & knee areas. Good riding jackets have their armor & extra cushioning at the elbows, shoulders & across your back. There are also some non-bulky armor jackets available in the market that would be a good option as well. Your priority should be your safety no matter which type or which color you chose. Let it be the bike, helmet, or the gear, or all of these three, they must be visible. Try to get those gears that have reflective patches on them.

Think of comfort before fashion

You should get the riding gears that leave space for layers, as long it’s not leather. No matter your aim is to stay cool or warm. There should be a room for layers in your pants, jacket and gloves as well. You must choose the fabric that has moisture wicking abilities. Your clothes must provide you optimum space. You will be glad that you haven’t selected the fitted and tighter piece of clothing. Comfort should be your priority no matter if it’s your pants or boots. A lot of riding boots are comfortable while you are riding but uncomfortable when it comes to walking. Do not choose the ones that look good or appear to be comfortable. Do not go for the hike or go to the waterfall. You will end up feeling miserable because of the blisters. Also do a trial run before going with them on the ride.