After having a baby, women want to feel comfortable and stylish in their clothes. They have already gone nine months wearing clothes meant to protect their womb and be gentle on their unborn baby. Women do not want to go another nine months wearing unflattering fashions. However, it can be truly difficult to find any nursing friendly dresses that make you feel bombshell worthy.

The Fundamentals of Nursing Attire

Let’s be up front; nursing attire is not pretty. Traditional nursing attire sound exactly like the name. They are not meant to be a fashion trend item but rather perform a task. During the nursing period, mothers need to be able to whip out their breast and feed their infant. These types of clothing are generally only made for that purpose. And seeing as nursing is something that is only recently becoming an acceptable public event, the garments before weren’t as stylish. Most were not even made to be seen. They were drab, loose fitting, and quite frankly, ugly. No new mother wants to be seen in something like that.

Turn Your Everyday Attire into Nursing Attire

According to an article on mom365, there are a ton of ways dress stylishly while breastfeeding. Two of those ways are probably already in your closet: button down shirts and wrap dresses. You need to be able to easily access yourself during breastfeeding. Button down shirts allow you to do that. All you must do is pop open a couple of buttons. The best thing about a button up is that they come in an array to styles. You can get trendy ones, so you don’t feel as if you are wearing drab nursing garments, or you can keep it traditional for a more professional look. Either way, you won’t be wearing a nursing tank.

The same concept applies for wrap dresses. They can be dressed up for work or down for a night out. The issue of a fussy zipper vanishes. All you have to do to solve the feeding issue is to pull a piece of fabric to the side.

Fashionable Specialty Attire

The world is more open, nowadays, to mothers feeding in public. This emergence has brought forth the need for specialty attire for that purpose. There are a ton of companies that specialize in fashionable nursing garments that are on trend. Everyday Family states that these companies are approaching nursing fashion in a multitude of ways. Some add length to shirts to hide postpartum stomachs. Some have panels that go undetected unless you know exactly what you are searching for. But the one thing they all have in common is wearability. The mother will feel completely comfortable and at ease. I mean, if these companies are good enough for the royal family, they must be good indeed. All in all, there are ways around the nursing fashion debacle. You simply have to be creative and willing to think out of the box.