We humans are deeply connected with nature. You must have often noticed that a simple walk in a park outside your home can rejuvenate you. Usually, people, these days have no time to get connected with nature, but it can always do wonders and can restore our mood and also lift our spirit.

Recent social distancing measures have become a part of our life that forced millions of people all over the world to stay at home. We need to find certain ways to get connected with nature even during COVID-19 days, as it is important for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Few Ways to connect with nature

The following are a few ways you can connect yourself with nature, which is very essential during this testing period.

1.Grow houseplants

Your houseplants can make you feel associated with nature just from your home. You must regularly maintain and water all your plants regularly and cut or clip the extra leaves.

2.A virtual tour to the national park

You can now take a trip outdoors right from the laptop or your computer screen because of Google Arts & Culture. You can get free access without bothering about the crowd of tourists all around you.

3.Using Google earth strat viewing the cherry blossoms

Even Google earth is also offering you an incredible opportunity of viewing from almost anywhere the well-known cherry blossoms. There are a lot of virtual tours that you can take, which will make you feel that you are over there.

4.You can join any live stream of beach

Tune into a 24/7 YouTube live stream where you can find the real feel for a Croatian beach town, where you can also catch a live party!

5.Take a hike

The impact of the present social distancing can impact your mind, which is real, however,  going outside and also taking a hike may decrease some amount of your anxiety and stress and you might feel very well.

6.Use CBD

If you vape CBD to reduce some of your stress, then make sure you the vape juice from JustCBDStore. CBD has now become a very popular compound nowadays and can also offer many other medical benefits.

7.Take a walk

You can still maintain a social distance and go to any nearby park all alone and take a long walk. That can keep you both physically as well as mentally cheerful.

8.Plant some herbs

You may live in an apartment on the 5th or 6th floor of the building, you can still get connected with nature. You can just bring nature indoors by growing herbs in your sunny windowsill, which is easy and inexpensive too.

9.Plant a garden

If you have your backyard then you can convert it into a beautiful garden which will be one best way to get connected with nature.

10.Rent a shared scooter/bike

You can also prefer to take a scooter or bike on rent and travel all around your area and get fresh air outside.