Newborns require the environment which is most likely to their mother’s womb, which helps them to feel safe and convenient. The baby swaddle is the most necessary technique followed to mimic the mother’s womb, which soothes the newborn. This is the method of wrapping the body using specially made swaddles, or clothes.

It involves covering the little one’s body only from the chest, and you should not cover the head and neck. Wrap them firmly, which helps them to swing their hips and legs with no restrictions. Following these procedures is recommendable only for the kids who are below six months for safe sleep and not recommended for babies for the grown ones and who rollover.

Benefits of Wrapping are:

  • This helps the baby to keep calm and extend their sleeping times.
  • It also settles them more easily and securely.
  • During the three first three months, they need an adaptation time to get back from the womb. This technique helps them to handle the complex transition period.
  • This also helps to prevent infant death due to lack of adaptability and prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • This is very useful with premature babies, and babies with organic brain damage help them recover quickly.

You can do it with special care like clothes made from high-quality materials, like organic cotton fabrics. Every baby requires different environments, hence wrap them accordingly as per their comfort.

Steps in swaddling:

  • Choose the covering blankets. This is available in baby boutiques or purchases through online websites or applications. Nowadays there are a lot of kid’s shopping websites available which help to select the best brands from an array of collections. The cloth should be lightweight.
  • Spread the blanket on a flat surface of the floor. Arrange it like a diamond shape with the point on the top.
  • Keep the baby back on the blanket. Then fold above the right arm and bring it across the side of the left arm and tuck it. Likewise, do for the left arm across the right arm and tuck in the right side.
  • Next is to bring the bottom corner up to their shoulders. Do these things in a firm manner which helps to protect their hips and provide free movement of legs to prevent them falling in frog position. The neck and the face should be free without wrapping.

To do this stitched wearable blanket, sleep sacks in different sizes are available, which helps in easy wrapping comfortably, and this avoids covering of faces by the baby hands unexpectedly. Sleepsacks won’t swaddle, and this helps in air circulation. You can also do it by keeping their arms out if they feel comfortable, and you need to follow this mostly for infants above three months. Wrapping is most useful for the newborn during winter to keep them warm and comfortable.