Millennials love music festivals and would spend more than a month’s salary just to see their favorite artists. Music festivals are also the perfect place to show off your style, personality, and love for certain bands. When people go to these events, they go all out. Everyone is expected to dress up, complete with a well-thought-out hairdo, and the makeup to match.

It’s all fun, but you might not realize these things:

They’re Perfect for Makeup Experiments


A music festival can give you a chance to use the bold colors in your eyeshadow palette that don’t get used on the daily. You can experiment with looks that show your creativity and passion, and you will get to expand your makeup knowhow. You may not usually wear makeup with bold and bright color combinations, but you can do so when you’re off to a festival where everyone else is expected to dress their best. There is no judgment here, so go ahead and wear those colored eyeliners and metallic lipsticks to your heart’s content.

They’re a Menace to Your Skin


As you experiment with your makeup, remember that your skin can only take so much. At the end of a music festival, it’s important to clean your face thoroughly to remove all the residue from the layers of makeup you wore for the day. It’s not just the makeup that you have to think about. A whole day of sweat and smoke, and even polluted air, depending on where the festival is held, can lead to dry and lifeless skin the next day. There’s also the matter of breakouts, which happen if you don’t cleanse at night.

To save your skin from the damages caused by a hectic event such as a music festival, prepare beforehand by buying your cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and face mask online. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dry skin cells and pollutants that could block your pores. If you don’t have to see your skin suffer after a festival, you’ll be more inclined to attend more in the future.

It Takes Experience to Get the Best Looks


Though there’s no judgment when it comes to your whole outfit at a festival, you can’t expect all your photos to look as good as that of a popular blogger. This is something that doesn’t happen automatically just because you’re at a fun event. You still need to plan your outfit carefully and practice your poses to highlight your best and most flattering angles. It’s best if you’re going with a friend who knows how to take great photos of you, but if you’re going alone, you can always take photos using a timer or a remote-controlled set up.

Whatever you do, practice before the day of the festival itself. If you’re using new equipment, familiarize yourself with it so that on the day of the music festival, you’ll already know how to operate it with ease. You might miss a great moment if you’re too busy fiddling with the settings.

Everyone wants to go to music festivals because of all the fun photos they see from such events. Before you can capture the same photos, however, you need to prepare your look from head to toe.