Islamic outfits generally depend upon the family values and essence of the individual who is wearing it. Closet of both the gender has to maintain decency and a statement of faith, in their outlook. The prevailing dressing codes for the Islamic women are to cover themselves properly, as the purity of the soul is the most desired thing, exaggerated and flashy outfits doesn’t necessarily build good hearts. Abaya is a loose, airy robe that veils the body except for the face, hand, and feet. Abaya is conventionally paired with ‘niqab,’ and hand gloves. Abaya is the most familiar dress of the Islamic women; as it maintains graciousness and statement of devotion. Islamic culture doesn’t appreciate see-through dresses, and one of the principle reason is most of the Islamic countries are dry and arid. The extreme temperatures can adversely affect the skin of the wearer.

Abaya’s sophistication and style are beyond suspicion and received approval & appreciation throughout the globe. The growing reputation of Abaya dress is impelling the designers to include new variants of Abayas in their collection. Nowadays they are ornamented with thread works, jaari, beads, gems, mirrors, hooks and frills. Bright colours and its various shades have opted; even prints and patterns are now part of today’s abayas. Black Abaya is mostly preferred in Arab countries, but on the other hand, Turkish Abayas are very lively and colourful.

Today Abayas are available in a variety of fabrics like-cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, and georgette. Moreover, online shopping apps have provided customers with a wide range of colourful and exotic abayas. Regular cotton to gorgeous silk all fabrics make abayas a versatile dress for every purpose. Synthetic and polyester fabrics don’t allow our skin to breathe, but cotton abayas help us to maintain body temperature. Cotton Abaya are cozy, as these are conventional absorbents and also beat the scorching heat of the sun in style- thus time-honored.

Customized Abaya are the present day trend as it is available to meet the customers taste and demands. Abaya styled salwar kameez is a new sensation; as it has an exotic look of its own. This attire is stimulated by the front opened abaya and is the showstopper during the festive seasons. Moreover, customized abaya are very minutely detailed keeping in mind the demands of the buyer.  Abayas can be decked with folds and frills; the grace of the folds can be improved with a brooch or an elegant piece of jewellery. It can also be worn in a layered pattern- a combination of brocade and plain fabrics. The Kaftan styled Abaya is designed in the form of a kaftan, with embroidered sleeves borders and cuffs.

Abaya is primarily inherited from the Ottoman and Roman empires. The ethnic Islamic dress piece, abaya has been remodeled since its evolution phase, due to various external influences of other realms and also changing climatic and cultural terms.