Botox has been available for a while now. It’s also becoming a more popular procedure. There was a time when just celebrities could afford the price, but everyone can now do it whenever they want. It’s a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require time to recover. Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting Botox in London, you should pursue your plans. Despite the popularity of the procedure, there are still some people who still have some misconceptions. These are some of the most common misconceptions about the procedure and the truth behind them.

Botox will freeze your face

You might see it in movies where people who got Botox are ridiculed for being motionless and expressionless. The truth is that getting an injection doesn’t necessarily lead to that result. Besides, you’re only getting a reasonable dose per session. You won’t go beyond what your face can take. Therefore, the whole idea that the injection will render your face expressionless is untrue.

Botox is only an aesthetic procedure

Although most people think of the injection as a cosmetic procedure, it isn’t limited to that. There are other applications for these injections. For instance, people with eye flickering and spasms will start to feel better with the aid of injections. There are also more studies which have been conducted to determine the other heath applications of Botox.

Botox is toxic 

Technically, Botulinum toxin, from which Botox injections are obtained, is toxic. However, the Botox injected in your face is the purified version. It means that it’s safe. The truth is that you can even have up to 200 or 300 times the amount you get per session, and you won’t face any problems.

Botox can be addictive

Botox isn’t an addictive substance, and there’s no reason to worry about addiction once you start doing it. The reason why this misconception happens is that those who love the results keep having more injections. It’s a desire that you can control, and it’s not entirely due to the substance applied in your face.

Botox is painful

The fact that Botox injections use a small needle and are applied to your face might worry you. Sure, it can be slightly painful, but it doesn’t mean that it’s unbearable. It’s like getting pinched a little. You won’t feel anything at all once the procedure is over. You also won’t have to go through a recovery phase or take any medication. Your doctor will ensure that you don’t have any allergic reaction to Botox to avoid complications. Therefore, once you get clearance to pursue the procedure, you can do it.

Now that you understand these common misconceptions, it’s time that you give this procedure a try. If you wish to look good and feel good, a session won’t hurt. You can try it first and see where it goes. You can consult with the doctor first to clarify some issues. If everything is okay, you can have it done.