Choosing stylish and quality shoes is an art. It requires walking in the shop with a clear idea of what you want and enough willpower to refrain from buying shoes based on their physical appearance.

However, even if you know what you’re going to buy, selecting the right shoes may still be difficult. That’s because there’s a lot involved. You need to find shoes that fit you well, can match your clothes, and will suit you wherever you go. Luckily, before you buy the best shoes at, you can use these tips to help you find the right one.

  1. Shop In The Evening

During the day, your feet expand as you walk. Therefore, to find shoes that fit you well, you need to try them when your feet are at their largest. That’s why experts recommend visiting a shoe store after school, work, or during the weekends. However, if you must shop earlier in the day, it’s advisable to schedule a run on a treadmill or do any cardio exercise before leaving for the store. That will create the same effect that walking throughout the day causes.

  1. Carry Your Socks With You To The Store

When trying on shoes, socks can help your feet to slide into them easily. Apart from that, they can protect your feet from any bacteria that might have been left in the shoe when somebody else tried them. If possible, carry the socks you intend to wear with those shoes to see if they fit correctly. For example, if you want to buy hiking boots or athletic shoes, carry thick crew socks. On the other hand, if you want to purchase dress shoes, wear thin stockings or socks.

  1. Walk Around The Stores To Test If The Shoes Fit

After slipping your legs into the shoes, it’s not just enough to wiggle your toes around to confirm if they’re too big or too small. Instead, you should also walk from one end of the store to the other as you pay attention to how tight the shoes are on your heels or whether they’re slipping. If they’re tight, then they’re not the best shoes. The shoes you select should also support your foot’s arch. To know this, you can move around to tell whether there are brackets, buttons, and tags that rub your feet uncomfortably.

  1. Check The Shoes’ Construction

Before you finally settle on a pair of shoes to purchase, it’s vital to take a careful look at its construction. Examine the type of material that the shoe is made of, its upper part, lower part, tongue, insole, laces, and eyelets. Additionally, you also need to feel the seams to know whether they’re made of durable materials. If the shoes appear flimsy, they’re likely to last for a short time and may deform once you wear them for some weeks or months.

Best Shoes to Buy Now

The right shoes aren’t only classic, but they should also be comfortable. To find these types of shoes, you need to consider many factors, including the materials they’re made of, how they fit, and if they’re comfortable. Knowing these factors and using your gut can help you land on the perfect shoes.