Eyes are the most captivating part of the face, and the thing that glorifies it more are eyelashes. A women’s boldness, spark, excitement or eagerness everything can be seen through her eyes. Nobody is perfect, but everybody is unique, and sometimes a few skilful products can enhance their beauty extraordinarily. On the context of eyelashes, one can always find it appealing. The only drama girls enjoy in their eyelashes so let’s enjoy this lash drama with drama Llama.

Drama Llama has brought about the fantastic package of joy with their exclusive collection of eyelashes. You can find whichever type and size you prefer.

  • Baby Llama magnetic lash

These are cute bundles of fun that can be trimmed both sides and fit for all eyes—this lash drama range from 7mm to 11.5mm.

  • Everyday girl magnetic lash

In this life self-care is a challenging task to accomplish, so, drama Llama allows you to have a 9-5 working lash which is amazingly skipped with mascara to lessen your load. This beautiful pack is available in 10mm size.

  • Mama Llama magnetic lash

The fabulousness of lash drama is seen in this product, as impressive as its name. This mama Llama lash is full of spark, earthiness and glamour. This one with both sided trimming quality is present in a variety of 10mm to the longest 15mm lash.

  • Party pants magnetic lash

Life is short; your lashes shouldn’t be. These outstanding long party eyelashes are so exciting. Kill the party with these 14.5mm long and thick lashes.

  • Cat-eye magnetic lash

Goodbye, mascara, hello lash extension. Why spend too much effort on making cat-eyes when you can apply these great cat-eye lashes. These cute things are available from 8mm to 12.5 mm in size.

  • Wonderland magnetic lash

These perfect for any occasion lashes are a thing to love. They are of adequate volume and length and will make your day. You can have them in 12.5mm size from drama Llama.

  • Sassy Llama Magnetic lash

You will endure this eye-catching product for its durability and length. The sassy but still classy look is waiting for you. Enjoy this 12mm size Lash drama.

Incredible facts that you should know about drama Llama lash.

  • These lashes are made up of silk, so you don’t have to worry about your product’s animal cruelty.
  • Drama Llama is a name of quality, so they apply six magnets for better experience and durability.
  • These goody packs include everything you will require; pair of eyelash with a tube of magnetic eyeliner.
  • All of these lashes are here in two-sided trimming ability so that you can reuse them.
  • All type and shapes of eyes can use them without a second thought.
  • You can have a free trial!


Drama Llama is providing a wide range of eyelashes that are well suited for every occasion. They are very cooperative and flexible. If you need any assistance and guidance regarding application and product, you can freely contact. Furthermore, lash drama Llama have special discounts for their subscribers and clients.