Exfoliation is the key to achieve smooth and even tone skin. Most people skip the step because they think only cleansing, toning, and moisturizing will do the job of keeping the skin clean. Face scrubs explore deeper layers of the skin and help to get rid of all the dirt that gets settled there. People constantly keep complaining about suffering from acne, clogged pores, and dull skin. When it comes to choosing a face scrub, a natural face scrub is recommended as they do not give rise to any side effects or allergic reactions on the skin. In fact, the goodness of organic ingredients like papaya, tomato, and cucumber helps to soothe the skin and keep skin problems at bay.

Myths About Exfoliation

Few people stay away from exfoliation because of the various myths that have been given importance. These myths are baseless and have no evidence to prove them right. A natural face scrub can never aggravate skin problems, therefore believing in myths and not adding this step in the routine can harm our skin.

Here are six myths related to exfoliating skin with a face scrub that most people tend to believe in without doing proper research:

Exfoliation Causes Acne

The myth that exfoliating skin with a natural face scrub can cause acne is absolutely false. A face scrub that is enriched with neem and saffron can fight acne problems as they help the skin get rid of toxins and extra oil. Using the face scrub keeps the skin fresh and clean by fighting existing acne and not giving birth to new acne bacteria. Exfoliating your skin does not damage rather it eliminates the dead skin cells that slowly destroy the natural glow of your face.

Apply Face Scrub Regularly

Too much exfoliation can be damaging as our skin is very sensitive. Going overboard with any product is not recommended, be it face wash or face scrub. Using a natural face scrub twice a week is enough to replenish the skin with moisture and glow.

Apply Excess Pressure While Scrubbing

Our skin is sensitive and it is not advisable to put excess pressure while using a face scrub. Most people commit this mistake and damage the skin cells. The myth that more pressure can do better cleaning is not true, as face scrubs are enriched with small particles that do their job effectively with little pressure. Excessive pressure can dry out and make the skin lose its natural moisture.

Do Not Use Face Scrub On Sensitive Skin

The myth that exfoliation can cause problems on sensitive skin is also false. A natural face scrub has small microbeads and is enriched with cooling ingredients like papaya, cucumber, etc. Therefore the face scrub is appropriate for sensitive skin and works on any kind of allergy.

Exfoliate Only At Night

Exfoliating with a face scrub can be done any time of the day, there is no restriction regarding that. The control should be on the number of times you exfoliate in a week. Using a face scrub at night gives more benefits is a baseless myth as people who exfoliate in the morning also experience effective results.

Face Scrubs Depletes Skin’s Natural Moisture

Another myth that people believe in is the fact that exfoliation destroys the skin’s natural moisture-building capacity. Rather a natural face scrub helps to get rid of the dead skin cells, unclogs pores and promotes better production of moisture.

Click here for best natural face scrubs if you are in search of one that is suitable for your skin. Exfoliation with a natural face scrub can make our skin appear visibly brighter and healthy. Every individual should add this to their skincare and debunk all the myths that people have been believing all these years.